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"I was hesitant about who to handle my 401K, but the people at New Life Financial made the process simple and painless."
- Dana K, Omaha, NB

"I had credit problems with no hope of ever getting out from under water. New Life Financial offered immediate assistance where other lenders always turned me away."
- Jacob S, Denver, CO

Bad Credit Checking Account

Bad Credit Bank Account

At New Life Financial, we know that everyone has problems now and then, and we all can run into difficulties at times. But this doesn’t mean that you should be punished ChexSystems, TeleCheck for the rest of your life. You deserve a second chance and at New Life Financial, we want to make sure you get the second chance that you’ve earned.

Bad Credit Bank Account

Yes, we in the banking industry might call them bad credit banking accounts, but at New Life Financial, we know that each account is a person, and getting stuck in the Chex System database can mean Chex following you everywhere, showing up unwelcome each time you apply for a checking account. If you accidentally wrote some bad checks or maybe were overdrawn on accounts that weren’t brought up to even, then you may be somewhere in the Chex Systems database. Good news! We don’t use ChexSystems or TeleCheck.

At New Life Financial, we offer you a Guaranteed Checking Account - 100% Approved!

We make no use of ChexSystems. Your mistakes of the past are just that, the past! We offer you a second chance bank account to help get you back on your financial feet and back into life.

How long are you on Chex Systems?

Unless removed by the bank that reported you in the first place, you will probably stay on Chex Systems report for a five year term. After five years, ChexSytems must remove you by law.

Where do I get a FREE copy of my ChexSystems Report?

The Fair and Accurate Credit Transaction Act, also known as FACTA amendments to the Fair Credit Reporting Act declare that you are entitled to a free copy of your Chex Systems consumer report at your request once every 12 months. Order your ChexSystems consumer report now!