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"I was hesitant about who to handle my 401K, but the people at New Life Financial made the process simple and painless."
- Dana K, Omaha, NB

"I had credit problems with no hope of ever getting out from under water. New Life Financial offered immediate assistance where other lenders always turned me away."
- Jacob S, Denver, CO

New Life Financial: The official website for a second chance checking account.

You Chance to Get A Second Chance Bank Account!
Get a Bad Credit Bank Account With Us.

You have bad credit? Made a few mistakes that you’re working hard to fix? We understand and we want to help you through this tough time. At New Financial Life, we can help you get a second chance bank account, along with a real, prepaid, MasterCard, and debit card and checks./ At New Financial Life, we have a second chance checking account, and we’re not under TeleCheck, ChexSystems, or any other the other systems that will spit you out and tell you no. At New Life Financial, You’re Approved Today!

Since we don’t have to use ChexSystems or TeleCheck, your approved to use your New Life Financial Second Chance Bank Account to write a check where ever a check is needed. You can now pay for your rent or your mortgage without the embarrassment of having to pay only in cash. At New Life Financial, with our second chance checking account, we trust you so other can trust you as well.

Your New MasterCard

With your account you’ll get our New Life Financial prepaid MasterCard and debit MasterCard. As with any MasterCard products, your prepaid MasterCard and debit MasterCard can be used where ever MasterCard is accepted.

Your Second Chance Checking Account comes with real checks!

We're here to help you get back on track with your finances by providing a second chance banking account that comes with both real checks and a prepaid MasterCard card. Yes, you hear that right. At New Life Financial Your second chance checking account will come with a MasterCard debit card, and real cehcks that are accepted anywhere checks are taken.

Second Chance Checking Account

When you sign up for our Second Chance Bank Account you will be eligible to receive free personal checks. This is the only second chance account that offers real pre-funded personal checks that can be used for rent, mortgage, groceries and anything else you need to use a check for payment.

Just Because you have Bad Credit…

…doesn’t mean you don’t deserve a second chance! With New Life Financial and our Second Chance Bank Account, with a Debit MasterCard, a prepaid MasterCard and real checks. So get back your financial freedom with a bank account for people with bad credit with no ChexSystems or credit check.